Paul & Ishi's Central Park New York Wedding

Paul & Ishi are keen travellers, so a destination wedding was organised!  What better place for them to tie the knot, of course, Central Park, New York!
We all lead busy lives and sometimes it can be hard to find the right person you want to spend every waking moment with, well these two gorgeous people, finally had their paths cross. What happened next was a very romantic & funny story xxx
From the newlyweds:
"We had decided to catch a New York yellow cab to our wedding, to get the whole New York experience.
So we thought that we would do the right thing, get there nice and early. The ceremony was at 11am and we thought that we would leave the hotel at 10am for the 20 minute ride. We needed 2 taxis!
We got one - in which we put our guests, that only took about 10 minutes to get, ours another 15 minutes. This is after having to get a driver  to finish his break early and offer him more to drive us to Central Park, he did manage to get us through all the traffic. Taxis are everywhere in New York but what we had failed to take into account was the biggest ever gathering of the UN General Assembly. AAgghh! We were able to contact our celebrant  and let her know we would be late to our own wedding, only 15 minutes. I will admit to feeling a little stressed at the time."
We loved meeting with Ishi and helping her decide on her wedding gown.
Most professional women I meet in store, have a set idea on their choice of dress. And with good reason: It's a momentous occasion, one that must have the "perfect dress" and accessories. It's the one day where you are photographed by a Professional Photographer to capture life changing memories & moments of you & your best friend.
But for Ishi, it hadn't been her life dream to get married, until she met Paul. So all her trust went into myself and my wonderful team.

Simple & Classic was all that was required for Ishi. With an amazing bubbly personality, beautiful smile and positive outlook on life - she needed no bling, no fuss. Ishi wore the dress and we loved it!
Ishi focussed on what mattered most: marrying the man she loved and celebrating with her family and friends.

I hope you enjoy these incredible photos as much as we did- you never know, you may find yourself marrying in New York after you look at these xx



A beautiful love story - sharing our #RealBrideBrigade moments with you all.

Here is Ishi & Paul's supplier & research list:


Hair & Makeup :


Flowers: Penn Station Florist

Stay tuned for our next blog.

Lots of Love

Sam x

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