Louise + Matt - Howard Park Wines


Louise and Matt married at Howard Park Wines. One great thing about the wedding world is the endless supply of wedding inspiration, wedding fashion, real brides, ceremony set - ups where brides to be can read gorgeous content & be inspired! Marrying in 2020? Then we suggest you take a look at these beautiful photos by Paris Hawken.
"Hi Samantha
Just a quick message to say THANK YOU for all your help with my Pronovias dress.
Your service was exceptional from start to end, and I really appreciate the lengths you went to ensure I was able to purchase my amazing Pronovias dress.
I felt so beautiful in the dress and absolutely loved it. I also refused to do the second bustle - it was too beautiful to hide that dress!
Here are some photos so you can see the dress in its glory - https://www.parishawkenweddings.com/louise-matt-howard-park-wines.  Photographer @parishawkenphoto.
Thanks again Samantha and all the best.
Louise Dickie xxx"
Inspired? Love Samantha xx

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