What Every Bride Should Know When Choosing a Gown From Samantha Wynne

Hi there girls!

Well if you are reading this, it is highly likely you are newly engaged, or have just been asked to be the Matron of Honour or your best friend's bridesmaid.

It is an overwhelming challenge if you haven't been dress shopping before.

My girlfriend is marrying in 2016, in Croatia! Trust me I have my work cut out for me. Her wedding day has to be perfect! Cannot wait to blog about it....love her so much.

Here are some top tips for you, when you are booking in to visit my store.

Firstly here at Samantha Wynne Bridal, I not only stock International Leading Designers and Australian Designers so that I can service more Perth brides, but I also design my own Ready To Wear range in store. This helps when my brides don't have a lot of time on their hands leading up to their wedding. Never fear, I'm here for you, and we will sort you! You will have a beautiful dress. I also sell dresses straight off the rack. Just ask me. I specifically order in certain styles in certain sizes that I feel will be a seasonal hit! Once they are sold though, I can't buy them in again for you.

Am I confusing you yet? So many options...

Do I need to make an appointment?

It is necessary to book an appointment in store ahead of time because if I'm not in the store, I'm designing & creating, paying bills, looking at new fabrics, travelling to buy the latest & greatest in new designer ranges for you to bring back to Perth, answering emails & juggling motherhood-a job I absolutely love! Hence I don't have normal trading hours! So appointments are the only way to go!

Having an appointment in store pre-organised enables my team & I to be savvy & ready to welcome you too,  a lot more enjoyable for you & very welcoming!

Most importantly is the feedback I receive, that our relaxed and friendly nature made our customers feel like part of our family. So it is working, thank goodness.

That's all I have ever wanted.

Why does she charge a booking fee? Does she keep the $50 fee?

I need to be organised ladies! I'm a Virgo! Virgo women like order & everything in its right position...I might drive you crazy, whilst you are trying to get in contact with me, but you'll be guaranteed you will look sensational on your wedding day! I wouldn't have it any other way!

The booking fee ensures we know what is ahead of us from week to week. I need to plan my studio workload ( designing & manufacturing bridal dresses) with and around my bridal bookings.
My website contact form is the best & phoning me on Monday, Tuesday & Friday mornings before my shop goes into overdrive is the only way to get those questions answered & those bridal appointments booked in.
Your booking fee is fully refunded on the day of your viewing!

Should I tell her my budget?

Absolutely, I get so disappointed when gorgeous girls come back to my store as a bridesmaid for their friend & they tell me that they had wished they could have bought from me, but the dress they loved was too much.

I nearly die every time. You need to let me know. A budget is a budget. I am not inclined to judge you on what you are going to spend in store. No Pretty Woman moments thank you. I don't want to lose you to another bridal store. I love watching our #RealBrideBrigade grow. We have an amazing community of brides & very clever women.

Does she have reduced stock dresses and sample gowns?

Yes to both of the above. In fact in store often some of my exquisite pieces need to be reduced to clear the way for my next gowns. If you don't let me know, I cannot help you. You'll be spoilt for choice.

Having a budget is not something to be embarrassed about. It is smart,it ensures you have a great wedding day.

Does she push you in to buying? Will she have the usual sales pitch?

No I don't! But if I tell you at the end of an appointment their is a need to make your decision quickly. Then I guarantee you, it means you are short of time, another client is considering purchasing the exact same dress or I require a set time to re-order your favourite dress in.

I hope this has answered some mysteries into my store. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers Sam x

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