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My initial encounter with this incredible business was when I travelled overseas this year to Italy, Split & Hvar, Croatia. I took the infamous Kale and Co travel tote and I had my #KaleandCoGlow!


My clients have been signing up for the detox and clean eating meal plans ever since. Our brides have raved about the food, service and how wonderful they feel during the meal plans.

If you are a #samanthawynnebride and feeling the urge to prep yourself for your upcoming fittings, try the meal plans, but more importantly, book your bridal brunch for your wedding day!

We're here to make your wedding day a breeze with our superfood bridal brunch.

All hand-made, our freshly prepared superfood spread allows you to enjoy your
big day without the early morning hassle ( and perfect to keep that belly-bloat away before hopping into those super slinky gowns...)

The brunch is mainly gluten free and also includes some vegan options to keep everybody happy.
The spread feeds 10 people and includes the following set menu:

- tropical fruit salad with antioxidant berry [GF, DAIRY FREE, VEGAN]
- overnight soaked oats with almond + chia
- greek yoghurt, paleo granola, berry parfait [GF, GRAIN FREE]
- fuji apple and coconut crumble with coconut drizzle [GF, DAIRY FREE, VEGAN]
- banana, oat + chia 'toast' with strawberry topping [DAIRY FREE]
- strawberry and almond breakfast muffins [GF, DAIRY FREE]
- 10 x grapefruit, mint + apple 'mojitos' 250ml

TOTAL: $299-00
Minimum order 10 people.

Please Note:
We don't have a delivery option for our bridal brunch.

Pick-up options are only available the morning of your event (9am). OR - it can be picked up the day before (afternoon) if you'd like to refrigerate overnight.

Napkins, straws, paper plates and cutlery are all provided too so you don't have to worry about a thing.
We also don't take deposits, the full amount of $275-00 is required by purchasing the plan online at our Kale and Co Shop.




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