What Should Each Bridesmaid Really Expect To Pay For

What should each bridesmaid really expect to pay for?

Without a doubt being asked to be the maid of honour for a bridesmaid is an honor and you can expect to have so many special memories from it. However, often it can be quite confusing on what you are expected to pay for and your duties. Since the bride is obviously your best friend or family member be comfortable to have the conversation with her and don’t let it be awkward.

To make things a little easier, we have noted all of the things that bridesmaids are “expected” to pay for when it comes to wedding expenses UNLESS the bride discusses with you otherwise.

Bridesmaid’s Attire

The dress is expense number one! We have heard of brides paying when it comes to them wanting a uniform look but if your bride is relaxed and is happy for you to pick the dress, shoes and accessories then expect to pick up the bill. However, if money is tight why not make suggestions to the bride or see if you can use shoes, accessories that you already have.

Hair & Makeup

This is often covered by the bride but if the hair and makeup is “optional” then expect to pay for it yourself.  Some brides even do their own hair and makeup so it may not even be a topic of discussion you will have.

 Bridal Shower

This cost is covered by the hosts so therefore it should be split between the bridal party. However, if a relative or mother of the bride offers to host you can then assume that a contribution to the cost is only expected. To keep costs down it can be a good idea to have this at a house and you can organize the catering and so on between you.

Hen Party

If it is a night away then definitely cover the costs of pre-purchased items between the bridal party. All guests should pay for their own food, accommodation etc. It is good idea to collect money from each of the guests so everything is paid for in advance.

Note that the bride should not have to pay for anything on the big night out. So whether you factor this in to the guest budget or between the bridal party. Just make sure it’s covered!!


This sometimes is a grey area but to be honest we think it is expected to still give a gift. It is understandable that you have spent a lot as a bridesmaid but you should definitely allocate some of your budget for the present. Even if you join with the other members of the bridal party to buy a bigger gift.


Expect to pay for your own hotel room unless the bride is insisting you fly overseas for a week and that way there may be a contribution from the couple… but typically it’s best to expect you will pay for your room.

 Now off the topic of money here are some other things you should expect to do.


  1. Help the bride shop for her dress
  2. Help the maid of honor... don’t leave it all up to her
  3. Attend engagement party
  4. Help with a few wedding related tasks such as assembling invitations or a DIY project
  5. Be available to run last minute errands
  6. Be there for the freak outs!!
  7. Dance! You need to be on the dancefloor literally ALL night!
  8. Be a good sport! At the end of the day it is the brides day! So keep positive… even if you don’t like something maybe don’t bring it up! Treat her the way you would like to be treated on your day.


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