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What Valentine's Day Means To Me

Posted on 13 February 2018

What Valentine's Day Means To Me

Unless you live under a rock I am sure that you are well aware that Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th February… every year… without fail! I find that people either love it or hate but I personally think of it as a day of love which in my mind is the most important thing in the world. Soppy as it sounds but after 21 years in the wedding industry everyone knows I’m a hopeless romantic!

Personally, on Wednesday evening, my husband, Stewart & our two gorgeous kids will sit down in our favourite part of our backyard, under my favourite tree & we will enjoy reminiscing with our kids on how Stewart & I met one another, over 20+ years ago! We will chat about what is happening in their world while our own Chef – hubby & foodie – will cook a sizzling steak & garlic prawns plus Mum’s favourite green & herb salad. As in past years, we hope we will receive our very own concert from our budding musicians and a champagne toast will be a definite on the evening! We will be married for 17 years this October & our most enjoyable moments in our daily lives are talking & celebrating with McKenzie & Lachlan. My favourite Valentine’s gift, is very simple, no card needed, just knowing I’m loved & cherished by the three of them, is enough for me. I am very content. You cannot buy contentment. Once you find it, hold on to it & cherish every moment. Life is too short & the days pass too quickly. Once you are married, it is important to acknowledge your partner, each year, but Valentine’s Day, changes, I think. You grow to appreciate your partner on a much deeper level.  As your family grows, you celebrate love and everything around you.  

So as you can see Valentine’s Day is very special to me and we most definitely celebrate it. However, I do not believe that Valentine’s Day is just about celebrating your romantic relationship. I like to think of all of my relationships such as my children, family and friends and think how I can make their day special. Simply put… I like to give love and show gratitude to the people in my life who make my life better.

So what can you do?

Why not organise a lunch with your best friends, call your grandparents or send donuts to a colleague that helped you out… maybe they might even share! I work in the wedding industry and I come across happy brides every day and see the beautiful photographs. I understand there is such a focus on valentine’s day around romance but love is not just about romance it is about the people who bring you happiness every day.  So make sure to celebrate this - not just on Valentine’s Day!

Love to hear your thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Did you get engaged on Valentine’s Day? Or maybe you got married? Why not share your story and feature in our next blog… we all love a good story!

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