Annaleise & Josh

With its stunning details and location, this wedding has it all! Annaleise + Josh's wedding was far from traditional, in the best way possible! 

Married at St Patrick's Cathedral and celebrations at Fremantle Town Hall.

Thanks to the amazing Amanda Alessi for sharing this wonderful wedding with us!

"Everyone always told me that the day passes really quickly and they weren't wrong at all! I remember getting to the end of the night and being shocked it was already over. "

 What were your favourite moments on the day of your wedding?

The most overwhelming favourite moment was the feeling of overwhelming love and support from all our friends and family.  It meant the world to us to be able to share that day with them.

Samantha Wynne Bride

The two special specific moments that I remember are first seeing Josh as I walked down the aisle.  I thought I was going to be be fine and "keep it together" (I knew he would cry!) but as soon as I saw him, I lost it!! The second moment was during the reception on the advice from a friend of his, Josh took me aside to a quiet spot in the venue, away from everyone else, so we could just have a moment.  It's funny but apart from saying your vows to each other, you spend very little time with your husband.  So that was really special to have that quiet moment just the two of us.

Samantha Wynne Bride

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"Thank you so much Sam for all your help with my wedding dress. It was so fitting that well over a decade after getting my Year 12 ball dress from you, I also found my perfect wedding dress from you.  It was a joy to work with you and I absolutely loved my dress!!"