Kimberley Lily Pendant

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The stunning Kimberley Lily Petite Pendant, featuring a beautiful Australian South Sea Keshi Pearl from Cygnet Bay in a unique 9ct rose gold design.

This collection draws its inspiration from the stunning natural lily varieties found throughout the rugged and remote Kimberley region of Northern West Australia. Having one of the single most impressive ranges of native lilies in the world, with over 3,500 varieties recorded. A new species of lily was discovered on the 25th of March 2015, and was named Peony Flora.

The Kimberley Lily collection tells a story of a single monsoonal droplet plummeting towards the earth; falling onto a lily pad, the leaf moves to cradle the droplet, this imagery frozen post impact. The bead of water, with its mysterious reflective qualities, appears to the poetic eye as a pearl cupped, in its fall from heaven, could it be a tear from Venus herself?

Every pearl we comes from the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm. Best referred to as an Australian South Sea Pearl, but also colloquially called a Broome Pearl, the precious gift of a Cygnet Bay Pearl captures the spirit of the pristine Kimberley; unspoilt, wild and free, bringing with it genuine beauty and authenticity. You will receive a certificate stating your pearl’s origin, and grade, along with information about your pearl’s setting.

Your Cygnet Bay Pearl is not only a pearl from an environmentally sound and sustainable process but also represents a piece of Australia’s pearling heritage.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Chain not included.  All pendants come with a display chain for packaging purposes only.  See our Accessories section for chain and band options.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Photo indicative only.  Due to the unique nature of Keshi pearls, also known as seedless pearls, every pearl is unique hence the pearl shape will vary from piece to piece. All Keshi pearls used in the Kimberley Lily Collection range from 5-8mm in size. 

Kimberley Lily Petite Pendant, with a Australian South Sea Pearl from Cygnet Bay in 9ct rose gold.