Tips for Dress Shopping...

Keep an open mind

At the beginning you should try on a number of different styles to narrow down what you really love. Dresses often look a lot better on the body then on the hanger, so don’t be afraid of trying something on that you are unsure of. Don’t rule anything out, a style that normally doesn’t flatter you may be the one you fall in love with! 


Wearing properly fitting undergarments and/or shape-wear to dress appointments can make a huge difference in the way the dresses will fit and sit on your body. Try to wear nude or white if possible, as dark or bright colours may distract you from seeing the beauty of the dress. Treat yourself to a professional fitting, and buy yourself a comfortable, well fitting set before you begin shopping.

Shoes & accessories

Heels can alter your posture and the way you walk, if you are planning on wearing heels bring along a pair of similar height and style with you to the appointment. If there are any other accessories you are planning to wear, like a specific style veil or your Grandmothers pearls it is a good idea to take those with you so you can get an idea of the complete look.


Dress hunting can be exhausting, wedding dresses are often heavier then everyday clothes and there can be a lot of stepping in and stepping out. Make sure you set aside time for a substantial breakfast or lunch, before setting out on your journey to keep energy levels up.


Be sure to call the stores you wish to visit a few days in advance as most bridal boutiques will be ‘appointments only’. This is to ensure every bride has enough space and time for a special and personalised experience. Appointments during the week are usually quietist.

Supportive guests

Try not to invite any more then two or three people to accompany you on your dress search. If there are too many conflicting opinions it becomes hard for you to keep a clear mind and make an informed decision. Chose a small group of guests who are supportive and know what YOU are looking for.


It’s never too early to start looking! Always keep an eye out for designer days or bridal exhibitions for that initial inspiration. Its good to remember if you choose to have your dream dress ‘made to measure’ you’ll usually need to order at least 6 to 8 months before your wedding day, while having to set aside time for measurements and regular fittings. 

Know your budget

If you have set a budget, let your guests and consultants know what it is. It’s easy to lose focus and forget about the price tag when you are distracted by a beautiful dress.

Wedding style

Give your guests and the consultant a clear view of what your wedding style is, whether it is a rustic backyard style or a grand classic style wedding, the location and environment should be taken into consideration when choosing the length, style, and fabric of the your perfect dress.

Trust your instincts

Some brides find their perfect dress after trying on 20 others may find it after 2. Don’t be afraid of saying ‘NO this is not the one’ if you don’t feel comfortable in a dress or it is not what you are looking for. Only YOU know exactly what you are looking for. You will just know when you try on the perfect dress for your special day.


The journey of choosing your ideal wedding dress is exciting but can be overwhelming, so don’t forget to have fun! Hopefully this is the only time you have to choose the perfect gown, so make the most of it and soak up this special time. After a long day of appointments take the opportunity to relax, recoup and catch up over a drink or a nice dinner.

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