Star of the West


    Samantha Wynne & Pearls of Australia 

    This collection is the embodiment of a great West Australian story.

    Named ‘Star of the West’, it is inspired by the legendary tale about the most valuable pearl ever discovered in 1917, a story now etched in Broome’s pearling history. We pay homage to this celebrated story through a contemporary collaboration with West Australian bridal designer Samantha Wynne whose art-deco-inspired star emanates from a locally grown West Australian pearl from Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm – the centrepiece of each piece in the collection.

    Star of the West is designed and made with quality, heritage and local craftsmanship that Wynne Bridal gowns and Pearls of Australia are both renowned for.

    The earrings and pendant have multifunctional components, allowing the wearer maximum versatility and feature Cygnet Bay pearls, and diamonds set in gold. Each item is available to be custom-made in yellow, white, or rose gold with hand-selected pearls of the customer’s choice.

    True to the cornerstone of both businesses, each piece of the collection is crafted and designed uniquely in Western Australia.

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