Understanding Your Look

As you may have noticed, we’ve had a little facelift. A new look to our website seems the perfect way to help celebrate our upcoming 20th Birthday.

Your image says so much about you and your personality, and in the lead up to your wedding day you spend nearly every waking moment putting together the perfect portrait of how your loved ones will view you.

From the cake to the shoes, every detail says something about you.So today we want to look at the meaning behind your personal style and choices for your big day.

The Florals

We do love our florals, and with Spring on our doorstep there are so many options out there for Brides. Each bud means something different about you.

Roses – Roses are such a classic choice for love, friendship and relationships. Pale pink roses symbolize grace and joy, white roses mean girlhood and dark pink roses stand for thankfulness. Roses generally mean happiness and love and are a sound choice for bridal florals.

Photography by Freedom Garvey

Tulips – These stunning blossoms have great significance in terms of love; red tulips stand for a declaration of love, pink tulips stand for being the perfect lover and yellow tulips mean there is sunshine in your smile.

Carnations – A white carnation stands for pure love whilst the flower in general symbolizes divine love. But perhaps the most fitting meaning behind a carnation blossom is the word ‘yes’.

Photography by Brant Clay

The Colors

Your colour palette sets the tone for your entire day, and will either put your guests at rest for a beautiful day, or could excite them more than they already are to share your special moment with you.

A Red Wedding - The colour of strength, health, and vitality. Red can also be symbolic of your increased enthusiasm or interest, confidence to pursue your dreams, and can symbolise power and passion. Red is often the color chosen by an outgoing and vigorous bride. People who love red are also often optimistic and open-natured.

Photographer unknown

A Blue Wedding - Symbolic of youth, spirituality, peace and tranquility. Blue can also represent brides who are soft, compassionate and caring. Personalities that like blue are faithful. Blue can also represent a sensitive and emotional character, and can be a sign of patience and conscientious.

Photography by Correiodoserido Blogspot

A Gold Wedding - A symbol of wealth and also representative of good health. Gold can also symbolise relaxation and enjoyment of life, and can be similar to yellow in representing brightness and cheerfulness, but can also be somber and traditional. Brides who choose gold also tend to be extravagant, wise and powerful.

Photography by WeddingDecor 24/7

We believe in giving you the tools to create your perfect picture for your perfect day. And as all brides know, it starts with the dress. When you come into the Samantha Wynne Boutique, let us know your vision, and we’ll find the gown that suits you and your personality, and most importantly, your love.
We hope you enjoy our new look, and we look forward to seeing yours.
Love Sam XXX

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