Make Your Wedding Sparkle With Twinkle Lights

I recently saw an image of a beautiful wedding that used twinkle lights to their full advantage.

So it inspired us to write a blog post all about it!

Which couldn't be more fitting especially as it’s currently twinkle light season, with all the Christmas decorations.

Here are 10 ways to incorporate twinkle lights into your wedding.

P.S. They’re totally #gram worthy….

Fill glass domes with twinkle lights


Build yourself a twinkle light curtain


Make your reception room magical


Bring together the draping and chandelier


Make the dance floor sparkle


Perfect photo placement


Say I DO next to this well lit Arbor


Light up your tables with these centrepieces


Brighten any room with these lanterns


Transform your backyard


Now these are just 10 fun ways you can incorporate twinkle lights into your wedding, it's always best to ask your wedding venue if they can accommodate them.

We’d love to know how you plan to incorporate twinkle lights at your wedding!

Samantha xo

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