10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Honeymoon Inspiration

You've made it through your wedding and now it's official. Congrats! We know that planning a wedding can be really tough and often stressful for both the bride and groom (but especially the bride). Your honeymoon is your first real chance to spend quality time with your spouse and your first trip as a married couple. You'll want it to be relaxing, romantic, and suited to your style and wants. You've probably already tried scrolling through your Instagram explore feed in search of inspiration, but look no further. We're bringing to you 10 amazing travel accounts run by experts in the field, documenting not only stunning locations, but also their favourite spots, hotels, sights and attractions.


 From Morocco to Australia’s beloved Bali, Lauren Bullen of the account @gypsea_lust takes us all around the world. Sporting 2.1 million followers, she shows off her photography skills and gives us major fashion inspiration too! Also available are her presets, which are bound to take your honeymoon photos to the next level.



Dave & Deb from @theplanetd boast over 216000 followers and together are Forbes’ Top 10 Travel Influencers in the world. This couple has explored over 105 different countries from all seven continents, and counting! Their dreamy photos are bound to make you want to follow in their footsteps.


@honeymoonstyle is a travel company dedicated to, you guessed it, honeymoons! This account shares inspiration from other travel accounts and connects directly with hotel owners. You can also get exclusive extras when you book directly through them, including daily breakfasts, private dining experiences, massages, return airport transfers and best price guarantees.


It's easy to say Alex Strohl is one of Instagram's most influential travellers with over 2 million followers. From Iceland to Montana to Utah, Alex shows off his amazing photography skills and gives us the dreamiest honeymoon inspiration.


Only 18 years old and already one of Instagram's most influential photographers, Jannik Obenhoff shares his passion for photography with the world. Specialising in outdoors, landscapes and adventure, Obenhoff shares his work with his 772 thousand followers.


 Chris and Danika, the couple behind @nodestinations have travelled around the world to over 200 destinations for over 5 years. In 2014, they quit their jobs, sold everything and rented out their San-Francisco home to go travel the world. Chris and Danika continue to share their journey today to their 183 thousand Instagram followers.



Laurent Derossi, a content creator based in Paris, shares some of the best the City of Lights and Love has to offer. We definitely recommend you check out his account, especially if Paris is on your bucket list.


@Travelandleisure takes inspiration from Instagram's best travel gurus and collates it all in one place. Boasting over 4.1 million followers, they definitely have some of the best ideas and inspiration from all around the globe.



Travel couple Jurie and Alizee from Europe have documented their adventures as they travel the world together for over six months now. Last year, they left their jobs and apartment in Amsterdam to travel the world together. They've visited all kinds of places already, including Paris, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and many more, and are currently in The Netherlands!


Scott and Collette from @roamaroo are full time travellers and content creators sporting over 180 thousand followers. Since they started travelling in 2015, they've been all over the world, from Mexico to Cabo to Santa Maria. Scott and Collette also have their amazing travel blog, where they share how they quit their jobs to travel the world and of course, the amazing places they've visited so far.


Featured Cover Image @gypsea_lust

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