10 things to factor into your wedding budget

10 things to factor into your wedding budget

So when it comes to a wedding budget it’s hands down not a romantic topic! We know that and you know that however, it is a must as the majority of couples will tell you about all of the hidden costs they never forecasted. Even with a budget, things can get out of control but without one… we don’t want to even imagine it!! Now don’t get us wrong if you literally don’t need to worry about a budget don’t do it but we think the majority of couples will so that is who we are writing it for.

TOP TIP: Channel your money into the aspects that are most important to the two of you!

1. The Ceremony

What kind of ceremony do you want? Ceremonies at a religious institute are relatively affordable as many places just ask for a donation to hire the venue. Whereas as an outdoor wedding can become quite expensive if you are having to rent an event planner, furniture and so on. 

2.Wedding Reception

Decide on what type of reception you want? For instance, a sit down meal is going to be a lot more expensive than a cocktail reception. Styling the room DIY can also be another way of keeping costs down or else if you are going to hire a wedding stylist make sure to have a budget in mind and advise that there is no movement on budget. This way you can see what you can get for your money and if it really makes a difference or should you keep the money to put towards another aspect of the day.

TIP: Have you considered getting married on a day other than Saturday? Or an out of season wedding? This can help score a discount!

TIP: Pick a venue that doesn’t need to be styled/decorated. You simply love it as is.

 3. Bride’s Outfit

So many ladies forget that there is more to purchase than just the dress. Think shoes, veil/headpiece, accessories, underwear and alterations. It all adds up!! On the day you need to consider hair, makeup, nails and so on… with some brides opting for trials and pre-wedding beauty regime. Also ladies, a lot of brides suddenly get a shoe fetish when it comes to their wedding!! They think they need designer shoes but trust us you will feel just as glamorous in a pair that didn’t cost you $1000+.

4.Groom’s Outfit

You can look at the option of buying or hiring. Depending on your style of wedding this can help you make the decision. If it is formal/black tie it may make more sense to hire as the suit may never be worn again! However, if it is a more casual affair a nice pair of chinos and a white shirt could be the best option and there are lots of high street options to find the perfect combination.

5.Bridal Party

This is a personal choice as some couples pay for the bridal party outfits whilst others don’t.

Granted if you expect your bridal party to pay it may mean you need to be flexible about what they choose as they are the ones paying for it! There is also hair, make-up, nails, accessories and so on to think about. Have you considered having a smaller bridal party? Some couples are even opting for no bridal party but again this is completely a personal choice.


A lot of couples regret not factoring in more for this in their budget. These pictures/video capture all of the memories of your big day. A wedding hashtag is also another great way of getting the pictures your photographer may miss.

7.Wedding Bands

 Assuming you have your engagement ring you may have already spoken to your jeweller about a wedding band. Most jewellers offer a discount when you purchase from them again so make sure to have this conversation.


Spend time talking to your wedding cake maker about your budget and find out about the different options. For instance, the fancier/more detailed the cake the more expensive it is. Or else you could look towards the trend of an alternative such as cupcakes, donuts, churros and so on.


Think ceremony and reception. Many couples opt for a Spotify playlist not only can you have the exact music you want but it completely cuts that cost out of your budget.


Make a decision on what kind of honeymoon you want. If you plan on just sipping cocktails and lying by the pool why not honeymoon somewhere within Australia or even your own state? This will definitely keep costs down as you will save on airfares and overseas currency conversions.

Other things to think about:

  1. Invitations
  2. Transport
  3. Flowers
  4. Entertainment
  5. Hen Party / Stag
  6. Partying before the wedding
  7. Engagement photoshoot
  8. On the day stationary (programs, name cards, menu’s, signs)
  9. Marriage Licence/Legal Documents / Name Change

So eliminating the elements that aren’t important to you as a couple allows you to not only save on your budget but also have less to worry about. For instance, if you don’t like fresh flowers and would prefer candles and lanterns in your ceremony do that. Why spend $1000’s on flowers if they aren’t for you and the lanterns/candles could be reused in your own home or else hired.

TIP: Prioritise your dreams and start saving early… have a longer engagement to give you the time to save for your perfect day.

Remember any leftover money can go into your honeymoon fund!!  


Samantha x 


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