How do I know when it's "The Dress"

Finding a dress to wear on a day to day basis is hard enough, let alone finding a wedding dress. It is one of the toughest tasks for a newly engaged girl, but sometimes knowing where to shop first, presents the perfect choice.

This is what happens with our brides who we are lucky enough to meet and start a relationship with them in store. I am in no way suggesting that our “shop” is the answer to “all” brides-to-be but we try to place as much information as we can throughout our social media to attract our #swbrides into our store.

The Samantha Wynne team know how busy you are and we feel that it is wonderful for you to be able to see our social media, in particular by being able to preview what our past brides have worn on their wedding day and how our store makes sure our brides’ journey is one of priority, encouragement & ultimately perfection.

When my team & I create our ranges behind the scenes, we endeavour at all costs to design a range that is unique with the classic signature that the Samantha Wynne label is renowned for, we only use stunning fabrics, but also various necklines and silhouettes are developed to cater for the very petite, who need extra “push up” to our gorgeous curvaceous brides who have curves that create envy amongst fellow clients. Our gowns are constructed beautifully on the inside with fitting detail that makes each of our brides very comfortable & extremely confident.

The first task at hand is to narrow down your choice of “style & silhouette”. You need to define your “look” it’s your special day – you are the centre of the universe on your wedding day.

In the 18 years of dressing brides, we find that some clients worry what others will think about in their choice of wedding dress rather than focussing on what their dream dress really means to them and how they want to look on the biggest day of their life!

When a new client walks into our store, it is very often the case that they have narrowed down the silhouette already & want a professional opinion from our stylists of what looks best. We do our best in store…. we are so pleased to play a part in every brides experience of finding her perfect dress that we often end up suggesting various changes on the “ready to wear” ranges in store & find that we can develop each new brides unique “look”.

Our buying trips three times a year see our team searching for the latest fabrics, latest styles, trends and accessories, catering for every type of wedding.

If you find yourself standing in a bridal store, in front of the mirror and not wanting to take your dress off, not wanting any more opinions or changes in design, then you have found your dress!!!

We love being part of this moment. It is a very special part of a young girl’s  dream on becoming a bride one day and marrying her prince.

Love always

Sam X


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