5 Tips to Plan Your Destination Wedding

By Wendy & Marina, renowned wedding planners and authors of the blog, Bodas de Cuento

Celebrating a destination wedding is in vogue; more and more couples are deciding to celebrate their wedding in a different country, either because they have been there before or because they love the country or because they have a special link to that place. Fortunately, as wedding planners, we can organize many weddings for couples around the world who choose Spain as their ideal location for their destination wedding. Some pick Spain because their families live here; however, in other cases, they want to get married in Spain because they love it.

Today, we give you 5 tips to plan your destination wedding:

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1. Choose the right destination, taking into consideration the weather
Many couples choose their honeymoon destination depending on the weather, so they should do the same for their wedding destination. Make sure to choose the right time of the year so you have the best weather possible on your wedding day. For example, avoid areas in which it is monsoon or hurricane season, or it is too cold. One of the latest Spanish celebrity destination weddings was that of Ana Boyer and Fernando Verdasco; they chose to celebrate their wedding on the Caribbean island of Mustique in December.

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View More: http://enroute.pass.us/nathalieandkevin

2. Find an attractive destination for your guests

One of the “inconveniences” of destination weddings is that many guests can’t afford to travel to celebrate the special occasion with you. If you find an attractive location, it will beeasier for them to travel, since they can organize a vacation around it. Who wouldn’t want to spend a relaxing holiday in Tuscany, for example? This helps them make the most of their trip for your wedding!

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3. Get help from a local wedding planner
Your best ally when organizing a destination wedding is a local wedding planner who knows the area, the suppliers, and the market of the country you have chosen for your wedding. The smallest of help can make a huge difference when you’re far away from home.  Hire a trustworthy wedding planner and spare yourself the extra trouble!

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4. Save the Date
If you expect to get married abroad and you want your family and friends to come, you have to make things easy on them. Be sure to send out Save the Date cards as soon as possible with your wedding date and the destination so they can plan their trip in plenty of time. This is the best way to avoid unexpected cancellations.

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5. Prepare a special gift for your friends
Your guests have made a great effort to celebrate your wedding with you. They do this because they love you and nothing would make them happier than being with you on the most important day of your lives. They would love to receive a welcome kit as a special consideration. Another idea they will love is a welcome party the night before the wedding. But remember: go to bed early! You’ll need all your energy to enjoy your day to the max!

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Once you have decided the location for your destination wedding, it’s time to think about your dress

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