A Bride is seldom alone in choosing her gown...

Good evening everyone,

What a fabulous month February has been....stressful at times but worth the extra hours and effort.

I hope you are all feeling as positive and inspired as we are at Samantha Wynne. Our collection in store is elegant, timeless, different and refreshing. We cannot wait to share our new wedding dresses with you at your bridal viewings.

This is the bridal season!

The time in a bride's life, where a lot of thought, energy and agonising decision making is going to take place into what you will wear for your wedding day.

It is a huge event in a woman's life. A precious journey.

This is where you get your chance to express who you are, how you feel and how confident you are in your choice of dress. Total elegance captured all day & you are the centre of it all!

As we head in to a very busy season ahead, we are noticing the magic of our bridal appointments as we witness our clients and their families sharing intimate moments in store, on the lead up to their special day.

It is special moments, funny sayings, laughter & chatter that set the pace for any bride at her private appointments. We have had many of these.

I love it when we have the opportunity to Skype to one of our Irish bride's beautiful mums at some ridiculous hour in the morning, when she says "yes to the dress" or better still when we ask our bride, "Does your Mum have Skype?" and the answer is "No,unfortunately" then my heart strings pull!

Before I know it, we are asking our bride, veil & all, to please, step back in to your change room, we grab their iPhone or Samsung and we record the moment of them coming out in their dress & veil chatting to their Mum & family & letting them know (as we madly record) how they feel in this dress!

It is so lovely to be a part of this decision & this very special part of your life. It makes my job even more gratifying when I finally get to meet with your Mum's and special family members at the final bridal fitting. Before you realise it, you have let us become part of your bridal journey and one which will be delightful to read about in later years and can become a precious keepsake for your immediate family.

Preparing for a wedding can be a time when emotions (on all parties) run the gamut from bliss to despair. Some of my #RealBrideBrigade find it very handy to keep a handwritten journal of every special moment leading up to their big day. Think about it, in years to come, your grandchildren and great grandchildren will find this an intimate, inspiring and fun read into the life of your ever growing family.

This is the time in your life to look regal and beautiful.

I would love to start a "chat" amongst ourselves....let's face it, who better to ask than our community of our very own #RealBrideBrigade, here we go ladies...Topic is.....

I wish someone told me to...........on my wedding day.

Look forward to joining in on your conversation

Cheers Samantha x





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