A Guide to the First 30 Days of Engagement

Perth, Western Australia, is an ideal place for adventure, family trips and of course destination weddings. Why? Because: Western Australia is the perfect destination for your wedding day, and offers numerous spots for your own personal engagement shoot during your engagement and wedding journey, and most importantly your wedding day.

There are many favourite places to see - Margaret River, Swan Valley, Broome, Pemberton, Matilda Bay and many more.

You've just got engaged!

Western Australia has so many pristine beaches and swimming spots, it's extraordinary. Choose your perfect location/s; look for the ones that suit your style the most. Capturing your photographs in the places where you first met, proposed or frequently visited when you were dating makes beautiful memories when captured in photographs. You can cherish them throughout your life.

Many places in Perth make a beautiful background that suits every bride and their budget for their wedding. Take time with your fiancé to explore them after your engagement. Numerous wedding planners operate in Perth that can help you select your venue.

Some of our favorite instagram accounts to follow for wedding planning are: @weddedwonderland, @polkadotbride, @magnoliarouge, @stylemepretty, @kimberley_weddings, @hellomay . Perth also offers numerous options, in terms of location, to celebrate your special day/s in the most beautiful settings. A visit to the Swan Valley, Matilda Bay and Perth's prestigious hotels is also recommended.

Post engagement parties

Once the engagement date is announced, your engagement party is often overlooked as there is so much to plan regarding your wedding day. But engagement parties are such a fun part of your wedding journey. 

The general rule for Perth brides is that ideally your engagement party is held 9 to 12 months before your wedding.

So, start planning your engagement party: decide upon the venue, the general location, the guest list, and the ring (star of the party). (On a serious note - Make sure the bride-to-be's engagement bling is insured if you want to avoid further expenses.)

As general advice, try to keep the engagement-party small, inviting your nearest and dearest. The party should be a cozy family affair, to help meet each other's families in a relaxed atmosphere before the wedding. Unless of course, you are planning a wedding overseas, then have a big engagement party and a small, family-only destination wedding.

Never forget to send Thank-You cards to all the guests attending the party (irrespective of the fact that they brought a gift or not).

A popular choice as a gift to attendees is giving out the save-the-date trinkets. If your budget allows, offer a bottle of wine with a specially printed save the date label and listing your wedding details.

Styled shoots

A styled shoot inspired by sunrise and sunset hues and in the most amazing and untamed landscape of Perth can make your engagement a golden time to enjoy with your fiance.

For a pre-wedding shoot, we recommend booking your wedding planner to help with the styling of your engagement shoot. Plan a romantic sunset drink and picnic amongst natural blooms and foliage, coupled with exquisite candles and tableware. Surprise your fiance' and with the professional help from your planner, you can make any location a gorgeous look!  

A professional wedding photographer can get stunning, relaxed photos shoot for you in Perth and surrounding areas. Our favourites are all over our website, instagram & Pinterest boards!

Choose the wedding date

Decide which weather you would prefer more, winter or summer for wedding, indoor or outdoor venue, cocktail or reception style location, within or outside Perth.

Start  writing everything down to your invitees, prepare a gift registry, wedding stationary, thank you cards, RSVP.

The easy way out - prepare a spreadsheet to save time!

A professional wedding planner can arrange everything orderly, from the perfect styled venue to catering and coordinating.

We hear you - Yes please! You as a couple can relax and enjoy your countdown.

As your wedding day approaches, you have to start wedding planning as it requires numerous preparations and arrangements. If you aren't booking a wedding planner or stylist then:

1. Start following wedding vendors on Instagram.

2. Check out Pinterest! It is a fantastic tool to check all your requirements and the options available to set the overall mood for your wedding day. We love the fact, that you can set up a private board and invite your besties to join in the group and start pinning!

You can have inspiration for the wedding day look (inclusive of your flowers, wedding dress, bride maid dresses, cake, catering, invitations, entertainment, makeup and hair artist, etc.) from Pinterest and Instagram.

Time to visit wedding planners in advance!

Zeroing in on a perfect celebrant

It would be great to choose someone who is jocular, fresh and make guests want to listen to the vows during the ceremony. This is very crucial to keep your guests completely engrossed around the ceremony.

We are very bias at Samantha Wynne! Just get in touch with these beautiful people and get in early:

Kirk Goodsell @kirkgoodsellcelebrant

Dilhari Mahiepala @kissmeyoufool_dilhari


Wedding dress and Groom's Suit

The wedding attire for both the bride and the groom is very vital on the day. As men don't have as big a variety of choice in varying their suit's style, it's the women's wedding dress that becomes the talk of the show.

Layout your wedding dress ideas, keeping a tab on pictures posted online and be clear with what you are looking for and set your wedding dress budget. Before approaching any designer, evaluate their expertise, professionalism, and skills.

Leave plenty of time for your boutique/ dress designer to create an exclusively fitted dress!

For the latest new season look in the bride's wedding dress, if you are planning a wedding in Perth, come visit us at Samantha Wynne bridal boutique that has been involved in the most elegant and classic designer gowns, customized for today's bride.

The world-class collection at our boutique will spoil you for choices and our private fitting room promises the perfect fit of the dress in a secure and very friendly environment.

Our boutique not only caters to bridal dresses, but we also have a large collection of the latest in South Sea Pearls from Cygnet Bay, custom made veils, and dresses designed for kids and tweens suitable for flowergirls and junior bridesmaids. 

Book your  appointment, you're newly engaged, to get your job done to fit your style, figure, and expectations.

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