Classic wedding traditions. Traditions and superstitions through time. How to add unique traditions to your wedding.

Once upon a time, weddings were steeped in tradition and superstition, with couples following a set of customs passed down from generation to generation. These traditions were meant to ensure a happy and prosperous life for the newlyweds, and many of them are still followed today.

One of the most enduring wedding traditions is the “something blue” that the bride is supposed to wear on her wedding day. This is said to symbolize purity and loyalty, and can be incorporated into the bride’s outfit in a variety of ways – from a blue garter or ribbon in her hair to a piece of blue jewellery.

Another classic wedding tradition is the bouquet toss, where the bride throws her bouquet over her shoulder to a group of single female guests. The belief is that the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next to get married.
I was one of those women! My goodness did I jump an "üp there cazaly" at my friend Jo's wedding....again, another story for another time #realbridebrigade.

The exchange of wedding rings is another ancient tradition that has survived the test of time. Rings symbolize the couple’s love and commitment, and are typically worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was once believed that this finger contained a vein that ran directly to the heart. 

While these classic wedding traditions are lovely, many couples today are choosing to put their own unique spin on their weddings by incorporating new and personalized traditions. For example, some couples are opting to have a “first look” photo session before the ceremony, where they can see each other for the first time in their wedding attire. This special moment allows them to have a private moment together before the chaos of the wedding day begins.

Another modern twist on the traditional wedding is the “first dance”, where the couple takes to the dance floor for the first time as husband and wife. Some couples are choosing to choreograph a special dance or even take dance lessons to make their first dance extra special.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your wedding reflects who you are as a couple. Whether you choose to stick to classic traditions or create your own, the important thing is that your wedding is a true reflection of your love and commitment to each other.

We would love to hear from our bridal community, both past & present, what traditions did you keep & what new traditions, did you introduce?

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