Must Read Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Must Read Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

 It is probably the most exciting part of wedding planning for ever bride and her bride tribe. So are you ready to start shopping for the dress? We would love to share our top tips with you before you cut loose as it can be a very overwhelming time. So by considering the tips below we hope that you feel prepared and ready to enjoy the experience.

 1.Price Range

 Consider what your budget is and factor in the cost of your veil, shoes, accessories and alterations. It is best to have a budget in mind and here at Samantha Wynne we have dresses to suit all budgets along with our be spoke designs.

2. Call in advance

 If you have a specific dress in mind it is best to call ahead and ask the salesperson if they stock it. They may showcase the designer you want however they may not have the specific gown you have seen. Always ring ahead to make your appointment - walk-ins can sometimes happen however remember that when you walk in there may be a bride having her appointment which ideally you do not want to interrupt.


 Figure out what you like! Think fabrics, silhouettes, styles and designers… Pinterest, online, wedding magazines and bridal salon websites are the best place to start. In order for the salesperson to show you the right dresses it is imperative that they have a vision of what you are looking for.

It is important to start the process early as it can take anywhere between 6 and 12 months from when you place your order for it to arrive in the shop and there are also alterations to consider. 

4. Let the salon make recommendations

Come into the salon with your ideas but also with an open mind! Your salesperson has seen every dress on so they will definitely have suggestions for you. It is important to remember that not every dress looks good on the hanger. We have seen so many brides fall for the dress that they thought they would never like!

 5. Buy a dress that fits now

 Do not put yourself under serious pressure to drop a few sizes. You may lose weight however this often does not alter your body shape. It is good to note that it is easier to take in a dress than let it out. So please try not to worry about the size on the tag.

6. Accessories

 Most salons have shoes for you to try on with your gown however if you have a specific heel height we would advise you to bring a pair. Also make sure to bring good fitting under wear (ideally nude) so you can get the full effect and not wonder what would it look like with “proper” underwear.

7. Makeup and hair

Please no fake tan!! Often girls come in with their hair done and make up as this helps them get an idea of the overall look.

8.Limit your entourage

 We know that it is lovely to bring your girls with you on the day but what we see work quite well is when the bride brings just one person. It is a lot less overwhelming and for instance your mothers/sisters input may be the most important to you? Once you are set on a dress then it can be a nice idea to bring your bridal party to a final fitting as they will be involved but by then you are secure in your choice.

9.Trunk Shows

 If you are in love with a specific designer, make sure to research when they are holding a Trunk Show as you will get the opportunity to see their full collection along with a potential discount.

 10. Go with your gut

 If you cannot see yourself walking down the aisle in the dress, then move on to the next! There is a lot of hype about how you will know when you find the dress and that can be true however, every bride is different… not every bride cries like on Say Yes To The Dress! Here at Samantha Wynne we see some brides say yes on the first dress whilst others try on ten!

 We hope you found our tips helpful and remember when you try on the dress make sure to move around in it, make sure it is comfortable and that you feel a million dollars.

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