Our Thoughts on the Pre-Wedding Detox

Our thoughts on the pre-wedding detox

 We cannot avoid reading about the “pre-wedding detox” whether it is in a magazine, online or popping up on our newsfeed. Every week there is a different angle or fad diet for the bride to be and to be honest I find it simply exhausting. One post says “No Carbs” the next post says “Bulk up on carbs” however, the point of this post was not to talk about diets… we promise! I believe that every bride wants to look radiant on their wedding day but if you are starving and nutrient deficient you will have little or no energy and resemble hangry not happy!

 So you probably are wondering how do I look radiant on my big day without becoming a monster in the mean time!

 Here are our top body tips:

 Why not push for a healthy lifestyle in general, start early and make gradual lifestyle changes not just for your wedding day.

  1. Did you know your liver is the organ which is in control of detoxifying harmful chemicals from your body? We suggest reducing alcohol intake in the lead up and if possible eliminating for at least 14 days before your big day.
  2. Your liver would also like you to give up refined foods, sugar and caffeine (it doesn’t ask a lot does it!)
  3. Lots of water - keeping hydrated has too many benefits to list but to name one think of beautiful clear flawless skin!
  4. Veggies! Lots and lots of veggies… low calorie and great for helping you feel full.
  5. Don’t skip meals - it eventually slows your metabolism down even though the magazines obsess over cutting calories.
  6. EXERCISE (but only do the things you enjoy that way you will stick at it)
  7. Do not beat yourself up for eating the cake

 So now let’s talk about your mind… we know it is on overdrive and when you close your eyes you see Pinterest boards! Did you know that stress causes your body to produce toxins and can result in you feeling bad and also stopping you from shifting those stubborn last few pounds on the scales.

 Here are our top mind tips:

 Try limit your use of technology coming up to the big day… consider a social media free day each week.

  1. Unfollow social media pages once you have made your decisions. For instance if your cake is booked… stop following 10 other cake makers in your area. You do not need to keep looking at cakes… it is ticked off of your list!
  2. Stop looking at Pinterest… everything is going to be perfect so stop obsessing about mason jars, DIY and flowers
  3. Yoga, meditate or even a few simple breathing exercises.
  4. Have wedding free days… whether it is with going off with your husband to be or your girls. Have fun and do not mention the word wedding!
  5. Read! There is nothing more pleasurable than chilling with a good book. For those not into reading we believe Netflix produces the same result!
  6. EXERCISE (it does wonders for clearing your head)

 So please remember girls… stop putting pressure on yourself. You were perfect the day you got engaged, so stop trying to change every part of yourself. So stop reading the articles and following every fad diet you come across and if you really want help contact a professional such as a dietician, personal trainer or yoga instructor.

 We would love to hear from our past brides with their tips and tricks! Comment below.

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