Wedding Advice On How To Choose A Venue For Your Wedding Day.


Wedding Advice On How To Choose Your Wedding Venue Intercontinental Perth Luxury Hotel

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With restrictions lifting, I have been in close contact these last couple of months with my clients who needed to postpone their weddings.

Most of my brides had a very supportive crew of wedding professionals who worked together to accommodate the change in dates, however some weren't as lucky.  Hence, the need for a post on our top tips and advice on how to choose a venue for your wedding day.

For most newly-engaged couples, the first thing they try to lock-in particularly, is the date and the wedding venue. Sometimes the wedding venue determines the date for the couple getting married due to the availability. If you are able to be flexible on dates, you will more often than not manage to secure your ideal venue.

This is generally a first for couples, to commence planning a wedding! Yes, organisation, patience and budgets are now part of your weekly schedule!

The proposal has happened, the romance and excitement of your engagement is very fresh but it will be a first, for most, to start conversations with preferred suppliers that you wish to book for your special day. This is brand new territory, but don't worry, with the right advice, you'll be pros, before you know it.

Gilgara Retreat Wedding Venue Margaret River Wedding Advice On How To Choose Your Wedding Venue

Above Photo at Here is a guide right here for you, enjoy the read and recommendations on an easy path to a wonderful group of wedding vendors at your wedding! 

  • Google - I'm right YES! It's the first instinctive thing to do! BUT wait a minute. I don't know about you, but weddings are very emotional times. Not everyone leaves glowing reviews or truthful ones for that matter. The portfolio online might look absolutely flawless and most venues are just that, gorgeous to work with and extremely professional. Be careful, but don't let a few bad reviews sway you too quickly. I always suggest my brides to phone the venue FIRST. Just check-in, it won't hurt.
  • Telephone Manners -  a skill unto it's own. Did you receive a professional answer on the other end of the line or a tone that caused your gut feeling, to want to hang up immediately. Did you feel safe, confident and know you were speaking to a professionally run business. Work ethic, excitement means a lot! Listen to your inner self. I always say, speak to others, how you would like to be spoken to. If it felt natural over the phone and trustworthy, then you know you are in genuine, good hands. Some of the best ways to research vendors (online, word of mouth, and previous clients!) to understanding and factoring in budgets into your team selection, the following tips will help you curate the ultimate set of wedding professionals; they'll help you execute the event of your dreams, guaranteed.
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    Secret Garden of The Cottesloe Civic Centre Wedding Advice On How To Choose Your Wedding Venue
    • Visit in person or at Wedding Open Days, these are a fabulous source of inspiration and you actually get to chat with their preferred suppliers too. Face to face. Personally I love meeting in person with future brides, it is a very personal and satisfying time. 
    • Real Bride Blog Posts on wedding blogs and in particular your chosen Bridal Boutique's website! We all have very close relationships with industry professionals and would never recommend you book or hand over deposits to unprofessionally run venues. 
    • Referrals from friends! More often than not, friends book friends wedding suppliers. They have seen the wedding vendor in action from a distance whilst being a guest at a wedding. I can't think of a better way to watch "behind the scenes" and receive a sneek peak into the personalities behind the business! Don't jump in too quickly, make sure their work suits your style. 
    • Pinterest and location searches on social media on the venues hashtag! A must. 

    We would love to hear, your tips and personal experiences too. Please comment below!

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    Brookleigh Estate Swan Valley Wedding Advice On How To Choose Your Wedding Venue


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