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Congratulations, you just got engaged! We are more than certain that the bling on your finger satisfies your needs, and after the initial excitement and amazement wear off, it is time to start planning the wedding of your dreams! However, more than often, in the process of planning, brides tend to forget something that can come as a shock when discovered afterwards, especially if it strains the budget more than what was planned. This is why today we are going a bit deeper into the art of planning for a wedding like a professional, without missing anything, big or small.

Let us look into what should not be overlooked when planning a wedding.

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Wedding stationery – the first hidden wedding cost is the wedding day stationery, something that all brides want to have, but are not sure where to get it from. Well, if your venue does not provide that option for you (such as wedding sign, guest table numbers, guest name cards, etc), then you should consider the stationery as an additional wedding day expense. Furthermore, you would have to find a stationery vendor and choose the look of everything you seem is necessary to have on each table on your special day. Usually, the invitation designer is the go-to person for this job, so don’t hesitate to ask them to tie the whole stationery design with the theme.

Simple Pink Handmade Wedding Stationery

Wedding dress alterations – something to be mindful of, especially when the date of the wedding is closing in, is that a lot of stress and having the pressure of preparing the perfect event can cause variations in your weight. This is why one of the most common wedding expenses is having your gown altered (usually at the last minute). It is best to shop true to size so the alterations can be lighter and less costly. Usually, the dresses are ordered so it takes time to be made, so our best tip is to maintain your well-being and weight so fewer alterations would be made.

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Beauty trials – believe it or not, there is such a thing as a beauty trial, and we can understand why! One of the most unexpected, yet necessary wedding day expenses is the trial version for your makeup. It is completely understandable for the bride to look breathtakingly beautiful at her special event, and if the bride wants to make sure that happens, then a trial it is! The beauty trial consists of having your hair and makeup done by the same person who will be doing it on the day of, just to make sure everything will look exactly as discussed. Sometimes, the professional who will be taking care of your look will let you know that the beauty trial is covered in the price, but more often, it is not. 

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Flowers that are not in season – this has got to be one of the trickiest ones out there! When you are planning your wedding and envisioning the theme, make sure to align your wishes with reality – this can save you up on some unexpected costs. For example, if you are looking to have a peony-infused wedding in November, this can be achievable, as in Australia their peak season is from late October to mid-December, which means they are enormously popular during this time. However, if you are looking to include them during the summer, the costs would be enormous as it is not their season. Managing expectations is the first thing you need to do when planning a wedding, and this is a nice place to start.

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Hotel rooms for a few nights – it doesn’t matter if you are hosting your big day in your hometown or not, the reality is that you will be booking a hotel for the night prior and the night after the wedding for yourself (and probably for some of your guests). This is another hidden wedding cost that should be at the centre of your attention. Depending on the hotel you want to stay at, the costs may vary, so in this case, it is better to be prepared than to have this cost surprise you once the time comes to check in.

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Don’t forget the presents for the parents – we have noticed that, more than often, the bride and groom tend to buy presents for their parents. If you and your partner agree on doing this (which is optional, but is somehow still considered necessary), this is another cost that you have not been counting in your budget. Given the fact that it would be your wedding day, the present cannot be something small, but it should rather be a watch, or a piece of jewellery, something that is considered a nice gift to give to the people who raised your partner.

Wine and Gift for Parents

Transport for your rentals – one of the most important things you would have to deal with is making sure that the transport for everything you rent for the night is arranged. When you are dealing with vendors for your lights, chairs, tables, everything, even the music, you need to clear out the air by checking if they come with their transport, or should you be the one organizing the transport that would fit their needs. This is why we recommend clear contact and making sure all your vendors have their transport included in their price.

Unexpected guests – an interesting hidden wedding cost can also come in the form of a guest! Maybe the invitation with the RSVP got lost in the mail, maybe the box for plus one was not ticked, or maybe a person (for whatever reasons) just showed up to your wedding, thinking they were invited? There are plenty of ways for an extra guest to appear, and in this case, it means extra cost, so make sure to cover the costs beforehand, or talk to your vendors (especially the caterers) for an extra plate, cutlery, whatever is needed.

Planning a wedding can be considered quite a stressful time, filled with various obstacles, however, as long as you have a list of all those forgetful details that may cost you a lot, you are all good to go! And remember, if you need any assistance from us, head to our appointment page and appoint a meeting with us.

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