Pre-Wedding Slumber Party

Are you planning a pre-wedding old school slumber party?

The night before your wedding is an unforgettable moment and very special time with your bridesmaids. So why not have a sleep over? You probably did it back when you were teenagers together… apart from the prosecco!  I personally think it is such a great idea, consider it as another opportunity to spend more time with your girls and get more sneaky selfies!

So there is lots you can plan and little personal touches but my favourite idea is a good old fashioned movie night. To keep in with the theme why not do a movie marathon of wedding movies such as My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Proposal, The Wedding Date, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Wedding Crashers… the list goes on!

So what are the essentials for an unforgettable night?

This will be a night full of nerves and excitement and what better way to spend it than with your girls. So the top thing is find a great space to relax and make it extra comfy… think lots of duvets and pillows around the tv. Comfy pyjama’s and robes are also a must… so many cute options online now, whether you want to go down the personalised route or just all out Bride Tribe. Definitely something you can add to your girls’ gift bags!

Make sure you have lots of nice treats in but maybe don’t go too crazy on the alcoholic kind… it is a big day and you don’t want that headache in the morning. It is also a good idea to have lots of nibbles as trust me you may not feel up to eating much in the morning. So you need all the energy you can have for your big day.

This is a lovely time to give your bridesmaids their gifts as the morning of the wedding can be a little bit hectic to say the least. Take this opportunity to sit with the girls and do the present exchange… make this time about them.  There are so many fabulous gift ideas that I am inspired to put together a post… watch this space!

Have lots of beauty products at the ready so you can indulge in some pampering. Make sure to not use any new products the night before your wedding… this I hope is an obvious tip but just in case you were going to try out a new hydrating face sheet… now is not the time!

Have a camera at the ready and a notebook… jot down memories. Trust me when you are together for hours you will remember stories that you probably wish you had forgotten!! 

Don’t forget to sleep!

Most important enjoy this time and take lots of photos… you will never sit with your girls as a single lady again!!! It is meant to be a stress free night and I hope these ideas will inspire you to organise your own night with your girls.

If you have organised a night like this already, please share your story as I would love to hear all about it.





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