Flowergirls and ring bearers add warmth and charm to your wedding, but they require extra attention.

Here's how to keep everyone smiling.

Think Cute But ComfyNo outfit, however adorable, is worth it if it's so itchy or cumbersome that it makes performing wedding-party duties a challenge.
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Plan Ahead, Sizewise

Chances are your chosen flower girl's parents will be involved in buying their kids attire, but if you are doing the shopping well in advance, remember kids grow fast & right before your eyes!  Look for the size they'll be, not the one they are.


You'll want your mini bridal party to join in and attend your rehearsal for a trial run in the actual ceremony space. But even before that, consider having them try on their beautiful little dresses & suits and walk down a hallway a few times to get them into the swing of things.

During the quiet time

Do you remember when you were a little girl at a wedding? Between getting ready for pre-wedding photos, the vows, and more photos afterwards, there can be a lot of sitting around time! Mini bridal party members can tend to get a little wriggly & fed-up. Don't forget to pack some simple activities, little sticker books, to help them pass the time. I love this photo of Aimee's attendees, swirling around!!!

Food and snacks

A hungry mini bridal party is a meltdown in the making. Have your bridesmaids pack some non-staining treats on hand eg cheese sandwiches or cheese sticks and leave the smarties at home!

Adult supervision and toilet runs

You'll be too busy getting married to make sure everyone is happy. Appoint an adult to be the child minder in the run-up to the ceremony. If none of your maids or groomsmen have experience with children, ask a parent of a flower girl or ring bearer to pitch in, or a hire a sitter. 

Say Thanks

Younger kids may need an incentive to get down that intimidating aisle, as a suggestion, have a loved one waiting for them at the end with open arms ( and the promise of a small prize). And just as you are giving gifts to your bridesmaids, choose something thoughtful for the little ones too, whether its a little necklace or a model airplane.

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