Champagne Towers… one word comes to mind… GLAMOROUS!


Recently, I have been reminiscing over pictures from my beautiful bride Natalie, creator & owner of Aussie homewares brand & online store Bowerhouse and I just knew I had to share this stunning shot. It is definitely Pinterest worthy and thank you for letting us share.  

So not sure if you can incorporate it into your wedding day? In my opinion having a champagne tower can fit into so many different styles but our favourites are black tie, vintage, Hollywood glamour.

So if you are looking for a glamorous yet traditional twist to your wedding reception we personally think the champagne tower is the way to go. It not only creates an amazing statement piece but it is a fantastic photo opportunity. Like seriously… look at Ben & Nat above!

How to build the perfect champagne tower?

There is obviously the option of hiring a local supplier or for the keen DIY couple we have put together a how-to guide. 

  1. Ensure you have a solid base and a spillage tray to collect the overflow
  2. Only use coupe champagne glasses which you can see in the picture above.
  3. So how does it all balance? The tower needs to be made up of successively smaller layers of squares. So for instance if the bottom layer is 12 glasses by 12 glasses, the next layer is 11 glasses by 11 glasses and so on.
  4. Make sure each glass touches the surrounding glasses and you should see a diamond gap. This is where you put your next layer.
  5. Repeat until there is a single coupe on the top!!
  6. Remember to pour SLOWLY from the top so it will trickle down.
  7. Practice your pouring technique before the big day!! It needs to be slow and steady and maybe consider having a 2 step ladder if the tower will be taller than you!

TIP: If you are using the tower for decorative purposes have it filled with champagne before the celebration and then just have fresh champagne in trays for the guests. That suits the couple that do not want the pressure of pouring… but then again where is the fun in that!?

Alternative Option

If you feel the champagne tower is a bit too out there for you as a couple… there is always the options of smaller towers which could be set up on the guest’s tables. This could replace your centrepiece and also ensure the toast drink is there for easy access. Two birds, one stone!!! 

Hands downs I am a champagne tower fan and I personally would go for both options if I was getting married again!!

What are your thoughts on the champagne tower?

Psst: I had one, back in 2001!

Samantha x 


Photography Fiona Avail Photography


  • Chloe

    Love that photo and your tips! I really want to do this at my wedding, but I’m having a hard time finding tips on when during the wedding to do it and also how it works.. do people just come up and grab the coupes once poured, even if there isn’t enough for everyone?

  • Angelica

    If this is at a venue what would you suggest we use as the base / spillage tray?

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