What role do the bridesmaids play on your wedding day?

The role of bridesmaids on a wedding day is to support the bride and assist with the wedding planning and preparations. They may be called upon to help with tasks such as addressing invitations, planning the bridal shower or bachelorette party, and helping the bride with her dress and other preparations on the wedding day. Bridesmaids may also walk down the aisle before the bride and stand with her during the ceremony, providing emotional support and creating a beautiful visual element. They may also participate in other elements of the wedding, such as the reception or post-wedding brunch. Overall, the bridesmaids play an important role in making the bride's wedding day as special and memorable as possible.

Maid of Honor duties? What does the bride expect you to do?

The Maid of Honor is typically the bride's closest friend or relative, and is responsible for a number of important duties leading up to and on the wedding day. Some of the key responsibilities of the Maid of Honor include:

  1. Supporting the bride: provide emotional support to the bride during the wedding planning process and on the wedding day.

  2. Planning events: be involved in planning the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or other pre-wedding events.

  3. Coordinating with bridesmaids: responsible for coordinating with the other bridesmaids and making sure everyone is on the same page with hair & makeup & styling.

  4. Standing up in the ceremony: typically stands up with the bride during the ceremony and may be called upon to assist with the bride's dress or other needs.

  5. Making a speech: you may be asked to make a speech at the wedding reception, toasting the couple and wishing them a long and happy marriage. A very important part of your role!

  6. Assisting with wedding day preparations: help the bride with her wedding day preparations, such as getting dressed and making sure everything runs smoothly. Perhaps organise an event timeline!

Your specific duties will depend on the individual bride's preferences and needs. It is important for the Maid of Honor to communicate with the bride and understand her expectations for the role.

It's a wonderful privelege to be asked. Good luck!

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