Why a wedding videographer is so important..

Why a wedding videographer is so important?

So are you a bride who doesn’t know whether to book a videographer for your big day?

We hear from lots of couples who do not book a videographer for their wedding due to one major factor which is budget. They justify in their minds that their photos will be enough and sometimes this is the case. However, we have heard of more couples which have regretted not having one for many different reasons such as;


  • The day absolutely flies
  • There is no way you can be present for everything
  • The videographer captures beautiful moments that you will treasure forever
  • You will completely forget the speeches!
  • You can show it to your kids
  • Captures moments a picture just can’t such as audio

You have spent months planning and saving for your big day and factoring in a videographer to help capture it all we think is hugely important. When the big day is over you are going to realise how it literally does fly and without a doubt there are parts you will miss.

 So when choosing your videographer here are some things to think about:


There is honestly a videographer out there to suit every budget as there are so many different packages on offer. Set a budget with your other half and do the research as you may be pleasantly surprised. Also looking at the costing you may be able to take away something else from your budget such as less flowers, smaller cake etc. The video is something you will have forever and we think it lays more importance than the aesthetic add-ons of the day. 

 2.What is included

How much coverage of your day is included? That is the first big thing to look at as it can start from anywhere between the whole day to the ceremony. So see what is important to you both.

 3.How do I choose the right videographer?

We believe this all comes down to taste. So take the time to look through online portfolios and see which ones suit your style. You have the traditional videos of capturing every moment to the journalistic and cinematic. Our top tip is keep watching until you find one that gives you goose pimples!

So you have found a videographer and you are ready to meet them. What questions should you ask?

  1.  What parts of the day do you capture?
  2. How long will the video be?
  3. Are there additional charges and what types of packages do you offer?
  4. Can you select the music for the video?
  5. Will my video be used for marketing/portfolio or can I choose to keep it private?
  6. Will you definitely be my videographer on the day?
  7. How will you work with other vendors? Often we hear it is a good idea to ask your photographer for recommendations as they may have someone they are used to working with. It can be a lot more fluid doing this
  8. Tell me more about your style? Is it documentary or cinematic?
  9. How long do we have to wait for the video?
  10. Can we provide input of what we want in our video?

As always we hope that you enjoyed reading our blog and we would love to hear from you with recommendations of videographers in Perth and your personal experiences.




Photo Liz Jorquera photographer


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