Ashleigh & Dan's Swan Valley Wedding

Samantha Wynne Bride Ashleigh at her Swan Valley Wedding

Watching Ashleigh enjoying every minute of her first appointment in store with us was absolute magic. Her smile was infectious! We all knew the dress was perfect for Ashleigh too, she looked sensational. It was the perfect silhouette and the detail of sparkle matched every inch of her beautiful bubbly personality. 

We hope you love this blog today, as much as we did reading and sharing it with you all. 

Love Always 

Sam xx


ASH: “I was looking for sexy in my dress! I wanted something to hug my figure and show my curves, as well as being comfortable and able to hold me in. I was always after something more structured but was also open to trying different types of dresses on just in case something I hadn’t thought of would surprise me! Samantha Wynne was my fifth bridal shop stop, and I’d tried on about 3 – 4 dresses at each stop.

Firstly, I loved the experience I had at Samantha Wynne. It was warm and exciting and fun! Then the gown… just wow! I’d booked in to attend the Pronovias trunk show at Samantha Wynne and did not know what I was getting in for. There was more than one dress I could have gone home with that day. The stand outs about my dress was the beautiful detail, the fit and the FEELING. It was true to who I was and what I wanted before doing the rounds and being swayed by the latest media/fashion. I felt so much like myself (just x100 sexiness and glam!) it was insane!”


ASH: “My sister in law (and bridesmaid) actually picked ‘the one’ out of the window for me! I’d tried a couple of Pronovias dresses on and each one was getting better and better. Emma had said she’d already eyed one out of the window display and Sam happily went off to grab it. I was genuinely in a state of shock once I had it on. I had to go and grab a cup of coffee to settle myself down before going straight back to Sam and putting the order through. I was so happy and excited, but also a little nervous about doubting myself down the track. That literally never happened! I made the choice and never looked back. It was an incredible feeling to be so sure and certain and know I was in the best hands in Perth to go on this journey with!”


ASH: “It was November 2013 and we were both at a mutual friend’s dress up 30th birthday at the Doubleview bowls club. Dan had just turned 28 at the time and I was on the verge of my 25th birthday. Everyone was having a great time, one too many drinks down when Ash, dressed as Lara Croft and Dan, dressed as Duffman made some sneaky eyes at each other from across the room. A quick introduction between the two…. then we both carried on with our nights (waking up the next morning with very vague recollections of meeting each other briefly).

The following day my best friend, Kessley, had told me that Duffman Dan was asking about me. So after some solid Facebook stalking, I was open to the idea of another meet and greet. Over the following few months, their paths continued to cross within their circle of friends. Then being the chivalrous man, he is, Dan finally convinced Ash to let him take her out on a real first date.

He had booked a beautiful dinner for two at Soda for sunset, so pulled up at my mum’s house to collect me in his blue Holden ute, number plates reading ‘CREEPIN’. (Yep…. Classy….)

I put Dan to work, but he was happy to do so. By the end of the night, we had not stopped laughing. Everything felt so easy and we soon realised it was a classic case of ‘opposites attract’.”


ASH: “Dan had secretly asked my Dad for his blessing a few weeks before at a family friend’s wedding and Dad was waiting anxiously every day after that for some news! It was Friday the 15th December 2017, we had planned to take the ashes of our dog, Aussie, to the beach to say goodbye. We ordered some fish and chips and took a couple of drinks down to a little cove at Trigg Beach which is across the road from where his grandads house. We had our daughter Charlotte with us, she had just had her first birthday a couple of weeks before.

Dan asked us all to stand up and say goodbye to Aussie, and in his speech (I will never forget) he started saying ‘when some things end, new things begin’ bent down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

The ring box was so big it didn’t fit in his pocket, so he had to stash it down his jocks. He was holding Charlotte in one arm when he was saying goodbye to Aussie and had to try and fish it out swiftly with his other hand! He had also asked one of my family friends who was a photographer to stand up on the pathway and take a few photos of the proposal! It was so sweet – I wish I had known so I could have put more effort into my look haha.”


ASH: “It is really difficult to choose a favourite moment! I think getting to the end of the aisle and meeting up with Dan, that feeling of being together (and relief) with everything coming together and the excitement for what’s to come… Nothing will beat that moment… Although my next absolute favourite would have to be when I beat Dan in a game of paper, scissors, rock we played during ceremony to see who would say their vows first! I usually come off second best to Dan but this time… I got him in front of everyone! I of course let him decide who said their vows first anyway.”


ASH: “Dan actually had a vibe and list of pre-requisites he wanted for ‘his day’.  This with what my wishes were gave me a really good idea of what venue would fit both bills! Luckily, we also agreed on size and style for the wedding which was nice and another reason venue choice was a bit easier because these aspects narrowed down choice.

We went with Sandalford Winery in the Swan Valley. It ticked a lot of both of our boxes, beautiful scenery, beautiful wine, beautiful food, a big and bold room to hold our reception… and all of our guests!”


ASH: “Amber Jasper was my stylist and she did the most outstanding job with every single detail. Her and her team worked so incredibly hard to bring it all together and I would never have been able to match the details and effect Amber gave Dan & I, and our guests! I gave Amber a brief when we first met up, which was dark, moody, (a bit goth) romantic. I asked for skull details (which the decal stickers on the floor and the menu’s were DEFINITELY a favourite of mine).  Literally all the details, from flowers, to styling and the colour palette was my favourite. The day was like a dark, romantic dream. The ceremony set and bridal table… to die for!”


ASH: “Never feel silly or unsure – always ask questions! I asked the venue a lot of questions to be sure that they could accommodate the things we liked and envisaged to make it our day! I also made sure to get things in writing… just to be safe. I was so glad I checked and confirmed details that mattered to us, it made the day more enjoyable and feel like our own very special day – unlike anybody else’s.

I was a little nervous about dress shopping! Go with your gut and make sure you give yourself time without the influence of others. I actually went and had a coffee after finding THE ONE at Samantha Wynne… I walked back in with no doubts after making the decision and literally never second guess myself!

I didn’t do much ‘shopping around’ for vendors… I would make enquiries and if I liked that vendor I went with them straight away. Amber also did all the vendors for our styling – which I was happy to have that taken out of my hands!

I picked my own song as dedication to Dan to walk down the aisle to … My Kinda Swag by Emmi. I picked this years ago! I was scared because it’s a bit different – but so happy I went with my gut and I still love it. All the other songs Dan had the bigger influence. It was mostly songs we had both loved over the period of our relationship.

Extra piece of advice – Watch what is coming up in the outgoings the week or two weeks before the wedding! After paying deposits you usually sit back and forget about paying the rest… keep the amounts to pay on you radar so it’s not a scary shock right before the big day!

We also had SO many compliments about our acoustic performer Ezereve! Her biggest fan was the groom himself.”


ASH: “Amber Jasper & Mel Branson our videographer from Till Death. Both worth their weight in gold! Also, our acoustic performer Ezereve, she was amazing and made created such an amazing and magical atmosphere’

Samantha Wynne Bride Ashleigh wearing Pronovias on her wedding day

 Brittany Mason Makeup Artist finishing Samantha Wynne Bride Ashleigh's Makeup

 Ashleigh & Dan's Swan Valley Wedding

Samantha Wynne Bride Ashleigh on her wedding day wearing Pronovias

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