Lauren & Hamish

  Being married comes with a lovely new sense of contentment and solidarity, which really is the most wonderful feeling. Enjoy Lauren & Hamish's story.
WHERE DID YOU FIRST MEET?  "Hamish and I met out at a bar in Claremont in 2012. Hamish is actually the cousin of a very good friend of mine, so we both knew who each other were. We couldn't believe we hadn't met sooner."
WHEN DID YOU KNOW IT WAS LOVE?  "When Hamish went away to work in Europe for a few months. Distance makes the heart grow fonder."
THE PROPOSAL "9 June 2018. Hamish was working fly in/fly out at the time. He told me he had to stay an extra week at work. I had just been out at coffee with Hamish's mum and Hamish told me there was a package being delivered to our house so I had to be home by a certain time. When I arrived home, there was a note at the front door saying your package is inside. When I walked into our bedroom, there was rose petals all over our bed and Hamish had wrote on our mirror "Will you marry me?" and then he popped out of nowhere and proposed. It was the biggest surprise of my life and both of our families had been in on it. Our families and friends all came to celebrate with us over the next two days. What a weekend!"
DETAILS Wedding Date Friday 29 March 2019 Wedding Co-Ordinator Nina Ma'Belle from Nina Ma'Belle Weddings Ceremony Venue Secret Garden of the Cottesloe Civic Centre Ceremony Decor Heyder and Shears Reception Venue My Husband's Parent's Home in Cottesloe Wedding Photographer Jodie at Merge Photography Hair The Pretty Parlour Makeup Gloss Plus Invitations and Signage Stell Creative The Bridal Party Georgina Day, Anjuli Duncan, Daisy Bridgwood, Samuel Luke (best man), Harrison Forward, Jack Bennett,  Lachlan Bahen and Brendon Kelly Bridesmaids Dresses One fell swoop The Groom and Best Man Wore MJ Bale The Dress Pronovias from Samantha Wynne The Veil Borrowed from Lauren's Sister-In-Law Wedding Flowers Sea of Love Reception Décor Heart Stings Hire and Style Glasswear Hire Society Dance Floor Reece's Event Hire Lighting Orangutan Lights On The Menu and Catering Rishworth Catering Entertainment Bird and Boy (Live Music) and Perth Wedding DJ Cake and Favours Laura's Little Cakes and homemade desserts that everyone was able to take home Number of Guests 150

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