Samantha & Timothy's Beaumonde On The Point Wedding

Samantha Wynne Real Bride Samantha on her Wedding Day at Beaumonde on The Point

On meeting with Samantha and her beautiful Mum in store, we immediately connected. We got along so well and I loved listening to Samantha's vision & her wedding plans. It was almost like we had known each other before. Samantha was so organised from the very beginning. A designer's dream client!

It is so helpful for both your bride and stylist when you are trying dresses on for the very first time with a new client if you have a vision, ideas, love Pinterest boards. You can focus in on style, theme & narrow down dress silhouette very quickly and with ease.  This always makes for a brilliant initial appointment, where your bride leaves with confidence and a clear vision in mind. Not confused and totally overwhelmed. This is what we aim to avoid on all wedding planning levels.

What I loved the most was how close Sam  and her Mum were every time they came into the store. They really enjoyed sharing together, the bridal dress journey! 

Sam was so beautiful & tall & that hair! Just gorgeous.  

 Samantha & Tim's Perth Wedding at Beaumonde On The PointSamantha Wynne Bride Samantha on her Perth Wedding DaySamantha Wynne Real Bride Samantha on her Perth wedding

THE DRESS "At the recommendation of a work colleague, Samantha Wynne was the very first bridal shop I went to when I began searching for my wedding dress. I had very little idea of what I wanted other than I wanted my dress to have a low cut back and be fit for a traditional church wedding.  Samantha was incredible at being able to pick out a range of dresses for me to try on and each was stunning in its own way. After then visiting close to nearly every other bridal shop in Perth & trying on countless wedding dresses (a girl has to do her research right?!), I couldn’t help but return to Samantha Wynne. Nothing else seemed to compare to the quality of dresses and impeccable customer service that was provided within Sam’s store."

Samantha & Tim's Christchurch Church Perth Wedding Tim at Christ Church Claremont on his way to Church

CAN YOU REMEMBER THE MOMENT YOU KNEW IT WAS THE DRESS? "I recall the moment that Sam showed me THE dress. I was reluctant to even try it on as it had small gemstones appliqués on it and I wasn’t into the idea having any “bling” on my dress and instead always gravitated towards plain lace dresses. However, I decided to try it on to amuse both Sam and my mum who had joined me for the wedding dress shopping experience. The moment I stepped out of the change room, saw my reflection and saw the reaction (tears of joy) on my mum’s face, I knew we’d finally found my dress."

Samantha Wynne Real Brides Blog Perth Western Australia

HOW DID YOU FIRST MEET? "Tim & I met in 2015 and had our first date at Salt on the Beach (now Coast Port Beach) in North Fremantle. On first impression, I was so sure Tim wouldn’t be interested in me - as he was a Gridiron player whom spent much of his time training, playing and had just finished try outs for the Australian team. Surely he wasn’t going to be interested in me, a self confessed nerd who worked in health research and that very week had also started my Masters degree. However, after only a few minutes of chatting, it was clear we had much more in common than I initially thought. Our second date was a catch up at the beach which turned into an 8 hour date of lunch, ice cream and a movie. By then, I knew he was someone that was going to be pretty special in my life."

Samantha Wynne Real Brides Perth Wedding Blog

THE PROPOSAL "The year we got engaged, Tim was working FIFO. Due to his roster, he had organised for us to go out for dinner at Coast Port Beach (the venue we first met at) as a late Valentine’s Day/early Anniversary dinner. I was instructed to come home from work at a reasonable hour so we wouldn’t miss the sunset. When I got home, there was a beautiful black cocktail dress laid out on our bed which Tim has bought me to wear to dinner. As we left, I noticed Tim grabbed a white looking shoebox which was all wrapped up. I was told it was my anniversary gift."

"When we got to the restaurant, we were seated and settled down to watch the sunset. Tim got us a glass of champagne and handed me the white box. As I opened it, Tim got down on one knee and as I looked into the box, I saw an opened ring box, surrounded by rose petals, with the most gorgeous custom designed engagement ring. As I processed what I was seeing, Tim asked me to marry him & of course I said yes!"

Samantha Wynne Real Bride Samantha & Tim's Perth Wedding 

FAVOURITE MOMENT "Favourite moment from your wedding day! Anything from funny family slip ups, something that got everyone laughing hard, the ceremony, the vows, just to name a few ideas! "

"There were so many special moments to the day but my favourite moment would’ve been walking down the aisle. A sense of calm washed over me and I felt nothing but pure happiness.  I was able to absorb the moment completely - even now, I can still remember clearly the faces & reactions I saw as I walked down."

 Samantha Wynne Wedding Dance

THE VENUE "Like I did with nearly every part of the wedding, I took my time to do my research on various venue options for both the ceremony & reception."

"We wanted to have quite a ‘traditional’ wedding, including getting married in a beautiful old church. We checked out several Uniting and Anglican churches but the minute we saw Christ Church in Claremont, we knew we’d found our venue. The church is spectacular and was the perfect size for the number of guests we wanted to have."

"With the reception, we wanted to be indoors so that we were not impacted by the weather (thank goodness as it was a really hot day!) and to have a sit down meal but other than that I didn’t have a clear idea on what type of reception venue we wanted. My mum was actually the one that saw Beaumonde on the Point, on one of her walks around the river. I loved how new the venue was, a total contrast to the old church we were having the ceremony at, and the staff were incredible."

Samantha & Tim's Perth Wedding Beaumonde On The Point

 FAVOURITE DETAILS "Anything from flowers to the colour palette to the dress😉 I started planning our wedding quite early which meant I had the time to really enjoy the process, do my research & therefore I felt every detail was something that had been well considered & thought through. I’d have to say though that both my beautiful dress and my shoes were amongst my favourite details. I designed my own shoes so I was able get exactly what I wanted and even managed to include the ‘something blue’ in by adding a fine pale blue strap across the top of the shoes."

ADVICE FOR FUTURE BRIDES "I know planning a wedding can be a stressful time but my three pieces of advice would be: 

  1. Try to relax & enjoy the planning process. It is such a special time and you want to be able to look back at this time later on and remember it fondly, not as a time filled with stress and worry.
  2. Create a detailed wedding budget and try to stick to it! It’s so easy to get caught up and carried away. For us, we worked out early how much we were happy for the wedding to cost and ensured we had this money set aside as the last thing we wanted to do was to start married life with a huge wedding debt!
  3. Write each other a card to be opened on the morning of your wedding. Tim and I did this and I still remember sitting quietly by myself that morning and reading the card Tim wrote me. It filled me with a sense of calm and made me realise I had done all that I could with the planning for the day, and if there were any hiccups which were going happen, it didn’t matter as the most important thing was that I was getting to marry Tim. That sense of calm stayed with me the entire day."

BEST WEDDING SPEND "Everything. I felt that we did a sufficient amount of research on our options for the church, venue, dress, flowers, honeymoon etc.. that we were comfortable with how much we spent & able to create our dream wedding."

Something you definitely didn’t regret spending $$ on.

"My dress! ;) I felt absolutely AMAZING in my dress & still very much felt like me."



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