Duné and Jean-Paul's Paris Wedding

To share these beautiful photos of your gorgeous wedding day means the world to me & the studio team. Thank you so much Dune for sending them through.

Having you & Mum in store was wonderful & I will always remember your facial expression when you realised it was the dress!  

The alterations team loved working with you on your design requests and we could not have been happier for you. 

Sending all our love your way.

Love Sam Xx


THE DRESS "I’ve always kept an open mind as to what wedding dress I wanted. I have heard endless stories from friends who were looking for a specific dress, but ended up buying something they thought would never suit them. I was looking for something that flattered my body the most, whilst accentuating my femininity. Something classical, romantic, with a bit of lace, and ultimately expressed who I am. I only tried on four, which included my gorgeous gown! I loved the satin buttons that ran along the back of my gown. It gave it a classic vintage feel."

CAN YOU REMEMBER THE MOMENT YOU KNEW IT WAS THE DRESS? "As soon as the last button was done on my dress, it literally felt like the dress was made for me. There were little to no alterations that had to be done, and it fit me like a glove."

HOW DID YOU FIRST MEET? "I met my husband through a church community event which was held at his house. I thought he had a very kind and gentle spirit (and it wasn’t bad that he was easy on the eyes too!) We both only ever considered each other as friends (partly due to our age difference), but eventually the mutual respect and grounded friendship grew into something beautiful."

THE PROPOSAL "My husband and I only dated for about 4 months (in fact we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together only after two weeks!) before he proposed. We were away on our family’s farm down south with my parents, brother, and a few close family friends. He whisked me away on the quad bike to go watch the sunset and to share some wine and bread. As we were watching the sunset, I turned to him and in his hand he held the most elegant engagement ring, which by the way he designed and sourced himself from New York. I remember trying to cherish what he was saying, but I was in shocked and in total awe. After I said yes we shared a beautiful kiss, and we went to join the others, who were just so ecstatic. We are hoping one day to build a white chapel on the spot where he proposed where family and friends can get married."

FAVOURITE MOMENT "My husband and I got married at the registry office. He whisked me away to Paris, where for a month we spent indulging in wine, croissants, and beautiful artwork. We did however, have a small, intimate ceremony and a dinner with our family in Perth. But there are so many favourite moments! Walking down the aisle with my dad is something that I will always cherish. I’ve always been daddy’s little girl and him giving me away to my husband-to-be was a super intimate and divine moment."

THE VENUE "Like I said we did things the non-traditional way by getting married at the registry office, as we wanted it to represent who we are and what we value. The ceremony we had with family however, was at Kings Park. It was where we decided to date, make big life decisions, and have our regular picnics. We went out for dinner afterwards at The Heritage Wine Bar on St Georges Terrace. And boy, was it good! From Wagyu Rump to Beetroot Macarons, and impeccable wine. And not only that, but the staff were incredible! We’ll definitely go back there to celebrate more special moments."

ADVICE FOR FUTURE BRIDES "Advice that I would give to a future bride is that although you want the most perfect day, remember this is YOUR day. You are putting in an awful lot of time and money to create a very special memory and celebrate the start of your marriage, but this is for you and your husband. Do not plan a wedding to please anyone else, but to make this day your own. I have seen so many brides stress over their wedding day, because they are trying to cater for everyone else’s needs, that they end up wishing that all the planning was over and even the wedding day! I absolutely loved planning my wedding and I still remember how the sun felt on my face walking down the aisle or how joyful may family was when we all were sharing a meal together."

BEST WEDDING SPEND "The best thing that we spent our money on hands down was our photographer and videographer. Our story is told and emotions are evoked through beautiful images captured by our photographer, who even came to Paris with us! From candid and personal snaps filled with emotion and memories, we can share this with our family and friends and one day our kids. Our videographer captured our ceremony that we were able to share with my grandparents and family in South Africa, and it really made them apart of the wedding too."

VENDORS Photographer Pete from The Barefoot Photographer Dress Samantha Wynne Videographer Jeandre from Owl Vision Flowers Annerie from Flowers for Weddings Perth Makeup Emer Rose Makeup Artistry Hair Brooke from The Pretty Parlour Eyelashes Rachael from RA’RA studio Dinner The Heritage Wine Bar on St Georges Terrace


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